Will My Ex Come Back to Me?

Ever Find Yourself Wondering “Will My Ex Come Back To Me?”
The easiest way to answer this question is by looking at oneself and asking “If I were my ex, would I want to come back to me?” Are you still that fun, free spirited person your ex fell in love with? Often time, the sheer resentment and heartache of a breakup will change a person. You may find yourself more angry, or jaded than you ever were before. Do you really think that anyone would want to be with a person like that?

The first thing you need to do is look a little into the future, a few months down the line. Ask yourself “where do I want to be?” Don’t worry about whether your ex will come back to you – what are your personal goals? Are you still planning on being miserable and lonely, or would you rather be like your old happy self again? The answer is obvious, but there really is no good reason to wait a few months.

You need to start by totally changing the way you do everything. Instead of dwelling on the negative of what happened, focus on the positive of what can come. You have all that time free now, you could do anything you ever enjoyed doing. A lot of people get to spend more time with their friends and family, or take up a new and interesting hobby. This is really a time for self exploration and awareness; basically, you need to find yourself.

When you do this, you get past the biggest roadblock in your way: the waiting game. Before you were just sitting around, feeling sorry for yourself, and waiting for your ex to come back. Now, you know the answer to your question “will my ex come back to me?” It’s all up to you, and your willingness to stick to the plan. Don’t fall back to the things that got you in this mess in the first place. When your ex sees how much you have changed, and just how much fun you are, they will be running back. Don’t be surprised if this happens a lot quicker than you previously thought.


Does my Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?

“Does my ex still have feelings for me?” You often hear this from a friend or from someone who has broken up with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Although it’s quite a common question for anyone who has been dumped, finding an answer can prove to be difficult.

If you find yourself in this situation, one of the first things you must do is accept the fact that your ex’s feelings for you will remain hidden – that’s provided they still have any. You’re going to have to do a lot of reading between the lines in order to find your answer. Having the ability to interpret what your ex is really saying is paramount. After all, if they broke it off, it would be hypocritical to start chasing you – think about it.

So what you need to do is look for the subtle hints that your ex might want to see you again. Here are a few:

You hear through your network of friends that your ex is asking questions about you. This is extremely positive because if they really didn’t care, they wouldn’t bother asking about you.

Your ex makes excuses to see you. Some examples might be meeting you to return some items or otherwise taking care of some loose ends. You’ve really got to read the signals right because they may just be trying to finalize the separation.

They turn up at social functions knowing full well that you’ll also be there. Secretly, they might be hoping to run into you – accidentally of course.

The bottom line is that if someone wants to avoid a particular person, it’s extremely easy. Your ex can easily get on with their life without seeing you. The fact that they keep showing up may be a sign that they still have feelings for you.