What Are The Chances of Getting Back With An Ex?

The chances of getting back with an ex – well, it totally depends on whether you’re ready to make some changes in your approach. If you are, then the chances are greatly in your favor, if you’re not, then you might as well just move on now. You broke up for some reason, right? Some core issues – maybe boredom, maybe because you fight all the time, maybe because of parenting issues, perhaps infidelity, maybe finances – whatever it was, there was a reason.

The likelihood of you guys ever totally resolving that issue is pretty slim. That’s right, it’s not likely you’ll ever totally agree on everything. There are many issues in a relationship that in fifty years of marriage you won’t ever change. Does that mean the relationship is doomed? No. Not at all. It just means that you have to learn to live with disagreements – even on fundamental issues. In the end, you have to ask yourself, “If my ex won’t agree with me on this issue, is it worth losing them over?” If the answer is yes, well then, certainly move on. But if not, then you just have to learn to let it go and compromise because, fundamentally, you may never see eye-to-eye on that issue. So, instead of focusing on your ex, I want you to spend this time apart focusing on you. Get back to being happy, confident and self-reliant – like you were when you first met your ex. Isn’t that what attracted them to you in the first place? If you don’t get your head right and focus on you, then all you will do is continue to push your ex away.

The chances of getting back with ex can be much better than you realize if you are just willing to make some changes. You see, you both have a lot vested in your relationship already, but you have to give your ex the reasons to want to give you another chance – and that is something you have to show her, you can’t tell her.


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