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Avoid Contacting Your Ex

If you’ve spent any time at all looking at other websites, you’ll notice that one of the main bits of advice they give is to stay away from your ex. There’s a reason that the majority of sites have come to this one consensus: it works.

Nothing creates desirability like scarcity. We all want what we can’t have and we tend to discount that which is readily available. When you start obsessively contacting your ex, you are not creating scarcity, you’re creating an abundance – and humiliating yourself in the process. There is no challenge and your ex is likely to take a “who cares” attitude.

While separating our emotions from our logical thinking should be relatively straightforward, in reality, it’s not as easy as that. It takes an incredible effort to be able to stay away from someone we still love.

And that’s where the problem starts for many. It’s one thing to phone your ex once or twice after the breakup, it’s another entirely to constantly phone, text, and e-mail them whenever the urge strikes. And sometimes that urge strikes several times a day.

Is it any wonder that tempers become short and feelings fade quickly. You’re not doing yourself any favors by driving them nuts – they will simply start resenting you more and more. Put yourself in their situation.

Since few of us have the discipline to behave ourselves, it is imperative that we not contact our ex at all until we get our emotions under control. If you can’t manage that, simply remove yourself from the situation and make sure you plan it so that communication is impossible. Go on vacation, go visit friends – but leave the computer and cellphone at home. Yes, it’s a drastic measure, but one that you will be thankful for down the road.


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